Peggy Dollface Home Page

Peg dolls, trinkets and prints, celebrating diversity in love and life.

As a woman raising a daughter in a world fraught with social injustice, I am glad to have found a way to help other parents who are looking to raise compassionate and informed kids. As I am sure you have found too, there is a distinct lack of toys that represent the wonderful diversity of love and life, such as ethnicity, gender, sexuality and ability. With your help, Peggy Dollface dolls and discussion cards help bring social history to life, so kids learn and are inspired and empowered as they play.

Peggy’s Story

I had no intention of selling peg dolls. I painted a couple of sets for my daughter, Luca-Ray… or perhaps mostly for me… either way, this project began as just a little evening entertainment. It escalated when I posted photos of Luca’s dolls in a couple of Facebook groups. I was surprised and pretty excited by the number of people who were keen to buy them, so I quickly opened a little online shop and made enough sales to get me started on this unexpected journey. I wonder what the future holds for Peggy Dollface?

My daughter adores the Little People, Big Dreams book collection by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, which inspired me to create peg dolls to help bring the stories to life. The DREAM BIG collection is ever-growing and evolving, with a focus on diversity and equality in love and life.

It would seem that my dolls are just as popular with adults as they are with kids, so I have begun to extend my range to custom portraits, brooches, earrings and prints… so far.

Meet Peggy

She began life as a kooky avatar and with a little magic, came to life as the face of Peggy Dollface. She is an ambivert, with an eclectic taste in music and literature. She loves colour and pattern as forms of self-expression and has recently discovered mindful marbling. Her friends are her family. She loves to cook for them, and even though she is hopeless in the kitchen, her frequent dinner parties are the best! While Peggy’s freestyle dance style may be somewhat out there, it is hers and hers alone. It fills her with joy. It is her favourite way to start the day.